1. Easy Picnic Cocktail Ideas with Newvana


    May has finally arrived! How are you celebrating? Might we suggest lunch in the park? How about a sunset toast on your rooftop? Or maybe a happy hour picnic-style in your backyard?  Whichever location you choose, outdoor dining (and drinking!) really can’t be beaten, and picnics take it over the top. Why not add some easy picnic cocktails to the spread while you’re at it. It doesn’t always have to be the same old standard wine for outdoor dining.


    Many picnic lovers seem to get stuck on the problems of how to make everything portable and easy to serve, but we have solutions. Sit tight as Newvana Cocktail Mixers go through top tricks for taking your cocktails to-go!

    1. Use jars. Jars are great for transporting liquids and for using as serving vessels. You can prepr
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  2. Get Cinco de Mayo Ready

    Hey Newvana Cocktail Lovers,


    We hope you’ve been enjoying Newvana’s Margarita Madness throughout April in preparation for everyone’s favorite Margarita drinking day - Cinco de Mayo! In case you missed it, we have a few fun posts, recipes, and tricks for you to catch up on and get you shaking up the best margaritas you can.


    Margarita 101


    Let’s get down to business with Newvana’s intro to margarita making.  We discuss techniques, easy tricks for making margaritas for a group, and a whole lot more. Start here if you are new to cocktail making, and you’ll be sure to get off on the right foot.


    Make Your Own Margarita Salt


    Does this sound like something you would do? Even if your response is ‘no way’,

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