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Newvana's Cocktail Recipes

  • Lucia is a dreamy, summertime margarita for you bitter-lovers out there.

  • An exotic take on the piña colada with ingredients that you probably already have around the home.

  • An exotic take on the piña colada with ingredients that you probably already have around the home.

  • It’s that time of year when we can start thinking about adding berries to our cocktails. Raspberry in a piña colada is nothing short of heavenly.

  • All you really need to do is get a pitcher ready with your base mixer. Then, turn your guests into mixologists as they customize their own mojitos with ingredients you’ve chosen. We’ve even got extra add-in ideas for you!

  • A daiquiri like no other. We add a touch of bittersweet Aperol, a salted rim, and top it with beer for a refreshing effervescence. This cocktail is sure to turn into your happy hour favorite.

  • Mango lassi is everyone’s favorite creamy, dreamy Indian restaurant classic. If you hadn’t heard of one before, a lassi refers to any yogurt-based drink in India. Mango lassi is a great pairing for Indian food or any spicy dish, especially when served frozen.

  • If you haven’t tried pisco before, this cocktail is a great introduction. It’s the perfect frozen sipper for summer. The sweet, tart flavors of strawberry and lime highlight the floral and tropical notes in pisco.

  • If you’ve never tried matcha and pineapple, you are in for a treat! This is a great afternoon pick-me-up with or without the rum.

  • Have you tried the delicious Hoegarden Rosé? We did and we love it! That’s why we created this special recipe using our Newvana Strawberry Daiquirí Cocktail Mixer and Hoegarden Rosé for the perfect pink combination.

  • The flavor of summer in a drink. Add your favorite tropical fruits and enjoy!

  • This delicious frozen drink is an amazing twist on the traditional Piña Colada. So sweet and full of the taste of the tropics.

  • Cucumber, celery and lemon blended together for a delicious taste and a good source of vitamins.

  • This is the perfect smoothie for breakfast! Enjoy the taste of a blueberry muffin in a healthy blueberry smoothie with banana, blueberries and oats.

  • If you like indulging in a slice of apple pie you will fall in love with this smoothie for sure.

  • Mango Creamsicle is the perfect healthier summertime treat. Kids will love this smoothie for sure!
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